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    Is any kind of events or extra curricular activities around Miami? help i'm new

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    Hi, [email protected]

    I live in Pembroke Pines. I know there are some support groups in Miami. I just don't know the name of these support groups. In Pembroke Pines there is HEARTS, and they actually have a meeting this coming Thursday, September 11. If you're not too far, you may be able to attend that meeting. But for other support groups in Miami, take a look at this link: Southeast Florida Homeschool Support Groups A2Z | A2Z Homeschooling

    I did a Google search of "Homeschool support groups in Miami Florida" and quite a few came up. You may want to try that. We are members of two support groups and both have a lot of activities, field trips, classes, events. Both are pretty active.

    Best wishes.
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