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    Red face New mama to Homeschooling

    Hello Homeschooling parents,

    I have a unique situation, well I like to think it is unique if not that would be great if other parents are in the same boat.
    I am currently living out of state, as I was living in FL. and planning to relocate back to FL within the year. I have decided to home-school my daughter per Fl guidelines due to the fact that she attended a charter school when we lived in Orlando. When I relocated to out of state, I let her attend a public school. I was so disappointed with the Curriculum due to the fact at the end of the 1st grade she was still on adding and subtracting double digits...the same thing that they started with at the beginning of the year. My daughter was so bored.
    My question is how do I obtain the correct curriculum for my daughter so that she will be at grade level or ahead when we relocate back to FL? I would like to obtain the FCAT curriculum considering that is what they use as the guideline.

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    I think nobody has answered because you have not stated your intent for when you come back to the State of Florida. Will you be home schooling or putting your daughter back in Public School? If you intend to keep her in Public School, then you may want to use K-12 or FLVS. However if you intend to home school the answer could be quite different. What were your plans in that area?

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    Hello, April. Per Florida guidelines, if you will be homeschooling your daughter upon your return to Florida, you can use any curriculum you choose. The state may not regulate curriculum for the home educated student. Teach your daughter what you find she is ready to learn. Meet her at the level she is at, while at the same time challenging her.

    As for the correct curriculum, there are so many to choose from. I don't know if you have registered for Time4Learning or if you are considering it as an option. We've been using it for 5 years and are very happy with it!! One of the things I like to tell new homeschool families is that it's a great benefit that a student is given 3 grade levels for each subject to work on. So if your daughter is weak in math but strong in Language Arts, she can work on 1st grade math and 2nd grade Language Arts. I also like that it tracks all the student's work. You can easily view the student's progress report and repeat a lesson if he/she scored below a certain score, like 80%, for example. You can also print your student's records for easy record-keeping. Having said this, not all curriculum works for every child. But you can easily find out by trying it out for at least a couple of months. You can cancel at any time, if you find it's not the right curriculum for your child. I know I can say it's the best thing for our daughter. She loves learning with T4L!!
    Lastly, T4L meets and even exceeds most state standards.

    Enjoy your homeschooling journey!
    enjoying homeschooling and learning with my kids, using T4L and T4W
    blogging our homeschool experiences at The Learning Hourglass

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