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    I took my daughter out of public school a few weeks ago and started with T4L. We love it, she is a totally different kid. My only concern is she required to take the FCAT's or can I have a Certified Teacher evaluate her when we are finished? I've heard and read conflicting sides. So I just want to make sure we're doing the right thing so she graduates 4th grade.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Hi Rae! I had posted a reply to your question in the Welcome to the Forum thread.. but I know that it can be hard to track down replies when there are so many, lol.

    Here is what I had posted:

    " Hi Rae, and welcome!

    Since you homeschool, your daughter is not required to take FCAT. Here is a quick look at some Florida Homeschool Laws...

    However, one of your options as a homeschooler is take a test like the FCAT (instead of having an annual evaluation done.) Since your daughter has already completed a portion of the FCAT, you may want to go ahead and let her complete that this year. If it goes well, you may want to continue to do that as your option each year.

    I would contact her old school and see if they can help you. You may have to contact the school board for your county if they can't.

    Hope this helps. Looking forward to hearing more from you! "

    Let me know if this helps you. Hopefully some of the members will see it and they can chime in with their own personal experiences!
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