New to T4L. But not so new to homeschooling or at least Virtual Schooling.
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    Cool New to T4L. But not so new to homeschooling or at least Virtual Schooling.

    So we are in the Cocoa area and have two boys I work with for various reasons, plus a friend of ours son. They are aged 12, 13, and 15. All are special needs.. Seizures, biabetes, back problems, ADHD, aspergers and such. All rolled in three active boys. We are looking for other families who are also in the area so these guys are not all they have as friends. Considering their social skill range and Medical problems as well. We also use FLVS for various reasons.

    Let me know if you know of a group (non religious based prefered) or families also looking for others in the area.

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    Hello tbrabitz. Welcome to T4L. We have a daughter with special needs. She loves T4L!! The interactive lessons are great. What we find most helpful with T4L is that she can work at different grade levels for different subjects, and that she can repeat lessons as often as necessary (working at her own pace). I'm so glad we found this curriculum when we did!

    We're further south from you, near Fort Lauderdale. So I don't know of a support group in your area personally. Have you tried FPEA? The link I provided for you there will take you directly to the "Find Your District" page where you can find support groups near you. I know our support group has some summer events like bowling, beach days, waterpark, etc. These are all listed at the support group web site. I'm hoping you find the same near you.

    A quick Google search provided this: brevardhomeschool : Support for homeschoolers~Brevard Co, FL and Brevard County's source for homeschooling information. and,FL

    Let me give you one more link for tips on using T4L. I've been using T4L for several years now and although it's quite easy to navigate, there are times I refer back to this link to find something.

    I hope those links are helpful for you. Please feel free to ask questions anytime here at the forums. Enjoy your homeschooling journey!!
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    We live in Titusville. I have 2 granddaughters that I homeschool and I just singed my youngest, Mara 11, up for time 4 learning. My oldest, Zymoni 16, Is dual end=rolled at BCC. We belong to NBHSA, Which is a religious group. The are non denominational and they do not push their religion on anyone. If you would like more info, feel free to contact me. There is also a yahoo group that is run by a lady named Pamela. She organizes all types of field trips. The groups name is Brevard Homeschool Explorers. If you are not already a member, you can send Pamela a request to add you to the group some of the trips are local, some you need to travel a ways to get to. Some are free others charge a fee. Let me Know if you need more info or would like to get together somewhere sometime.
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