New today in FL!
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    Default New today in FL!

    Hi! I just signed up this morning (not activated) and I very excited and nervous at the same time. I have a daughter 6 (First grade) and a son 5 (Kindergarten) who I just pulled from PS because it was a complete nightmare!

    My son who has no behavior issues at all, but is very shy (one of the teacher's complaints), was pretty much getting lost in the shuffle at school and there was a threat of him maybe being retained...

    My daughter who is an average to above average student was used (without my permission) by her teacher constantly as an almost an aide to a high functioning Autistic child and being pulled out of her class on numerous occasions to accompany the child in her speech, OT etc because the child did not want to go alone and would cry for my daughter... I don't want to sound harsh but that is a lot to put on my 6 year old!!!

    Anyway, I am hoping this program works for us... we are going to use it/try it for 2 months and thinking about maybe Connections Academy next year, I'm not sure!

    Wish us luck!

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    Hi there! I know I said hello in the new member intros, but I wanted to make sure and stop in here too. Glad you found your way here!

    I'm sorry to hear that you were having problems with the school system, but I'm glad that homeschooling is something you are considering. T4L has worked well for my family, and we have been using it for about five years. Still loving it. I can't really provide any feedback about Connections Academy as that is not an option for us at this time...we really have come to enjoy (and honestly depend on) the flexibility that homeschool provides. It's my understanding that with CA, you still have to follow a school schedule (break when they break, etc). Having said that, it's been really beneficial to many families, so it might work for you guys. If I'm not mistaken, it's been mentioned on the boards here, so if you skim through some of the past threads, you may find some members that have shared what worked/didn't work about it.

    Good luck and always feel free to ask any questions you have and share your own experiences!
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