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Thread: Question about yearly evaluation

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    Default Question about yearly evaluation

    I'm hoping someone can help me! This is our first year homeschooling and I know eventually my son will either have to take a test (I'd rather not use that option) or be evaluated by a teacher. I have a few questions:

    1- do I need to have ALL of these printouts? The first two weeks I printed out all of the worksheets to go along with the lessons, but now we do some visually and only print out the ones that involve coloring/cutting/pasting, etc. Is that okay? I just hate wasting paper for my son to circle an answer when he can just point to the screen and show me instead.

    2- am I supposed to be keeping a book list of every book he reads alone and we read together? Are book lists required? Do I have to keep a separate list of ones that I read to him versus the ones he reads all by himself?

    3- can any teacher perform this evaluation? A friend of mine ran into my son's kindergarten teacher and she was thrilled that he was now being homeschooled. She told my friend to let me know if I need any help, to not hesitate to ask. She was very patient with my son's disabilities last year, and I know he would be so much more comfortable being around someone he knows during the evaluation.

    Basically, how organized does this unorganized mama need to be? I keep everything we do, it might just be in a pile vs neatly organized in a binder!


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    I know how you feel about being disorganized. I've tried several times over the years to get more organized, but I just keep failing, lol. As far as needing all of the printouts, I would say no. You only need to keep the ones you feel your son needs to do. Basically, the print outs are just extra resources, so if he completed the corresponding lesson in the T4L program, then he's good. Or at least that's how I would see it.

    I can't help you with the book list thing because for the last couple of years, my boys have been using ereaders. So I kinda always have their book lists with them. If you don't have a running list, don't worry about adding EVERY book he's read. Just add a few to the list, to show that he's steadily reading.

    I hate tests as well. I would go the teacher evaluation route, especially if you have a teacher that's willing to do it for you. The only thing the Florida homeschool laws state is that the person doing the evaluation must hold a valid regular teaching certificate. Also, note that the evaluation doesn't have to show that he's completed a specific number of lessons, or even completed his current grade level. It only needs to show progress from last year's evaluation. If this is his first eval, then it's basically just setting his starting point for next year.

    Hopefully that little bit of info helped you out a bit. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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    I just realized I never replied t this. Oops!!

    I keep meaning to at least start a book list, but it slips my mind. I wonder if the library has a print out of books we've checked out- at least that would show some of what we've read!

    I'm definitely going the teacher evaluation route rather than testing, and I'm hoping his kindergarten teacher would be willing to do it, if not I'll just have to find someone who will!

    As always, thanks for all your help! I'm hoping by the time my daughter is school age (she's 2 now), I'll have this 'homeschool thing' figured out. Maybe by then I'll be a little better organized as well, but that's not likely LOL
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    i too have a question about evaluation. how strict are they on having this done? and what happens if they do not meet the standard? i am checking up on my ex daughter in law.

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    I think you need to check with your county to be sure. The portfolio can be as full or as sparse as you feel - as long as you can prove the student has made academic progress. The school district can request to see your portfolio but they may not. I have never known anyone who has had to do this. Once the person reviewing the portfolio signs off then you send it off to the district. If the student has not demonstrated progress then, according to the state statute regarding homeschooling, the parent will be notified and they will have a year to give the student remediation and then re-evaluation.
    Here is a link to the statute:
    Chapter 1002 Section 41 - 2012 Florida Statutes - The Florida Senate
    hope this helps

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