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    I am wondering if my kids need the 4 basic classes or the la extension and 2 sciences also? what is the required classes?

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    Florida doesn't specify the subjects required.

    If your child is in first or second grade, I would have them complete the Language Arts curriculum before doing the LA Extensions. This is because the readers in LA Extensions are a little more difficult than in the core LA program.

    If they are in third grade or up, I would have them do language arts and LA Extensions at the same time.

    LA Extensions sounds like an optional add-on, but it's really just part of the whole language arts curriculum.

    For science in first and second grade, the student has a few "regular" science lessons, the science-based activities in LA Extensions, and Science4Us to choose from. It's up to you to decide how much to use. Science is a very broad topic and there is enormous variation in what is taught in schools at that level. As long as your child is learning "something" about science, they will be fine.

    In third grade, the student has a complete science curriculum, plus Science4Us to choose from.

    Because of the questions you have asked, I assume your kids are third grade or below. If you would like upper grades to be addressed, just ask.

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