Stay @home Dad New to Time 4 Learning
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    Preacherman420 Guest

    Cool Stay @home Dad New to Time 4 Learning

    Hi all

    I'm new to this program but not to much to home schooling.
    My son Gabriel has spent more time out of public schools then in.
    We traveled a lot by Motor home since 2009 and now we live on a
    sailboat in Jacksonville, Fl..
    Until now we used mostly free online tools, but are now to the point we
    need to have a stable curriculum. We chose Time 4 Learning.

    So Hi to all and hope to make some new friends here.

    and Gabriel

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    Welcome!! You can rest assured you made the right choice. The curriculum more than suffices the state standards plus it is a lot of fun for the kids. I wish college was like this too!

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