Switching to homeschooling mid-year
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    My children, 7th and 9th grade are currenty enrolled in FLVSFT. My husband and I have decided to pull them out of the public school system and homeschool them because they are not getting the attention needed. My question is how do I go about them alreay having half a school year in their current grades recorded through the homeschool system? I would like to them to just be able to finish out this school year in the current grades, and then go on to the next grade. I know that the year requires 180 school days, I have logged each day with the school system that they were in. Can that count towards the 180 days for homeschool? Thank you in advance for all replies.

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    As a homeschooling parent, you are the teacher of record. That means that you can give credit for the work that your child has completed.

    I think this Homeschool Guide would be very helpful for you. Also, I always like to recommend to new homeschoolers that they get connected with a homeschool support group near them where they can attend meetings and meet other homeschooling families in addition to learning more about homeschooling in Florida.

    Also, here is some information on homeschooling in Florida. I'm not quite sure where you're getting the information that you need to have 180 days of instruction in your homeschool. I don't see that in the legal analysis posted for the state of Florida at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association site. I would advise you to just confirm that, though. In our own homeschool we do school year round, and take time off during the holidays. It just works better for our family that way.

    I can tell you what most families who start homeschooling mid-year with Time4Learning do. T4L is a flexible curriculumwith the ability to adjust starting points and levels. If starting mid-year, parents usually have their children take the tests and quizzes within agrade-level to determine an appropriate starting level. Assessments (quizzesand tests within the lessons) can be used as a guide to measure what conceptsare understood or not understood. The best starting point within a grade levelis where your child begins to have difficulty after taking the quizzes andtests. Most parents find this method useful in placing their children. Time4Learning has a reports section that provides progress reportsregarding lessons, activities, and assessment scores. It also tracks studentusage by date. Parents can log in and review the reports at any time. The testsand progress reports are printable so parents can track progress and, ifdesired, include reports in portfolios. The printable reports can be sortedaccording to subject, tests scores only, only certain dates, etc.

    You can take a look at the Lessons Scope and Sequence here for your kids' levels, if you like.

    Best wishes to you!
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