Time 4 Learning and ADHD
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    Smile Time 4 Learning and ADHD

    My eight year old son was diagnosed with ADHD about 2 months ago. I pulled him out of public school in January of this year. His teachers said he was doing good but his report card said otherwise. They begged me not to pull him out. I did anyway because my son was having difficulties and services were cut in the schools.

    He loves the program and is in 1st grade due to a late birthday and held back in K. He struggles with me to do the work for any length of time if at all. Anyone have the same problems and found any ways to spark his interest. I would appreciate anything.

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    My youngest is 6. He hasn't been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, but he does have a hard time focusing some days. When he is to the point where he's squirming in the chair and unfocused, I will let him go do something else for a while. It works for him. It's better than fighting for two hours with him to do something....I figure if we are going to kill two hours, we may as well both be happy, lol.

    I agree that every child has their own pace. You could just try different schedules and see if there is a way that works better for both of you guys.

    Don't get discouraged though. It can take a while for you guys to find your groove, especially right after coming out of public school. Good luck and keep us posted. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you have!
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    HI there
    thought that I would give you my two cents on this since I know what you are going thru my oldest was diagnosed just after kindergarten with ADHD, the schools all said the same thing that he was doing fine but he couldn't even tell me what he did from day to day! AND I volunteered in there 3 out of 5 days with my youngest strapped to my back! I waited until after 5th grade to pull him out of the system, I don't know why i didn't think of homeschooling him earlier. Then we wouldn't have had as many learning gaps/problems to over come!

    This is my suggestion.... what is he into? dinosaurs, animals?? Try and do things that spark his interest and it will keep him focused for longer periods. On the things that he doesn't want to do with you, you need to just make him start out by doing ten minutes at a time. Then work up to longer periods, in between have him do something active until you see he has his wiggles out. AND make sure he is eating an drinking enough when my oldest was younger he would forget to eat at school his lunchbox would come home FULL. He still does it now that he is older too but not as much feel free to PM me if you have any more questions!!
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