We are new to Florida and new to homeschooling.
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    Default We are new to Florida and new to homeschooling.

    I was wondering what the process is for homeschooling in Florida? What are other families doing. I have a daughter in 6th grade at one of the Charter Schools in our area. I'm not impressed. Really confused!!

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    Where are you located in Fl?

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    Hi! The first thing I would suggest is that you read up on the Florida laws on educating at home. I can tell you that you would need to send a Letter of Intent to educate your daughter at home when/if you decide to homeschool. You can choose any curriculum you think will be best for your daughter. And there are many. The Florida Parent Educators Association (FPEA) is an excellent source of information from Florida homeschooling laws, to a Guide to Homeschooling, to homeschooling convention in Orlando, to homeschool support groups in your area. Just follow that link I shared.

    When we decided to give homeschooling a try, we thought we'd try it for a year or two and take it from there. Here we are 13 years later getting ready to graduate our first this year. We have found Time4Learning to me an excellent curriculum. I don't have to worry about planning lessons because it's all done for me already. The record-keeping is easy because T4L keeps a progress report that is easy for us to print. The best part is that my daughter enjoys T4L and that it's an award winning program that meets state standards (sometimes even exceeding, in my opinion). Some families use Time4Learning as their core curriculum, some supplement with other things. Some families also use Time4Learning as an afterschool add-on to their kids in a brick & mortar school or just for the summer.

    If you want to read more on homeschooling, here's a homeschool guide a few of Time4Learning's veteran homeschool moms put together. There's also a T4L page on homeschooling in Florida. As you can see, T4L not only has a great curriculum for homeschoolers, but T4L is a great source of information and support for homeschool families.

    Let us know what part of Florida you're in. We may be able to share more information like support groups or conventions. Many of the support groups have monthly meetings, events, field trips. You usually don't have to be a member to attend a meeting and ask questions about homeschooling.
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