When do I help and how much?
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    Default When do I help and how much?

    Hi all, I'm new to homeschooling and am working with my 5th grader son. This is only our second week and we are both still cutting our teeth with this. I have a question that I'm really curious about. I (we) appreciate your help with this!

    I have assigned him a project that I feel should take a few days to put together. It is putting together a poster using the scientific method regarding what method works best to start a fire with minimal tools. We already have all the photos, and video and it just needs to be put on paper. He hasn't really done much work on it other than a rough draft of what we set out to do and what we did and I keep telling him he needs to work on it more. My dilemma: Do I help him with it and we work on it together or do I have him do it himself entirely? If I help him, it will be to provide him with the raw materials (pictures) and we can collaborate how to arrange it, but the words will be all his.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi AnaKate. I would say HELP him, but don't do it FOR him...you know? Be there, ready to help, but if you want him to work on it independently, then wait for him to ask you for help.
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