2nd chances on quizzes.
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    Default 2nd chances on quizzes.

    My 5th gr dd did a Language Arts quiz & got a 75% so she redid it again & got a 100%. I asked her if they were the same exact questions the 2nd time & she said yes. I can't confirm because I was in the other room. I thought it gave different questions the 2nd time. Does anyone know? Tia.

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    It varies from what I have seen. Sometimes they are different questions, but sometimes they are the same. If it is an Activity Quiz, you can click the score for each and see what the questions were.

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    Time4Learning provides lesson activities in a variety of formats. Most of the lesson types draw from a bank of many questions, so the test questions are different each time. This is also true of the very newest math quizzes. Some of the lessons have static quizzes and tests, though.

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