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    Default 4th grade planning

    Hello All -

    I could use some guidance. This is our second week and I'm trying to make some adjustments to the schedules. My son (4th grade) is taking a bunch of quizes and jumping ahead to figure out where he is in each subject. So if he ends up on week 4 and we are only in week two how would I adjust the schedule? Also, I'd like each subject to end on a quiz or text. Some of the preplanned exercises end the week in the middle of a section and I'd like it to end on a quiz or text so the next week is a fresh start. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Default Re: 4th grade planning

    Hi, Kathy. The Activity Planner is a fairly new tool that was added after years of parents "doing the math" themselves. We used to just tell our kids, "Do two math, one language arts, two science and one social studies activity per day" or something like that.

    If you are using a highly customized schedule, it's probably best to disregard the Activity Planner and just navigate manually (especially if you change the schedule a lot). It's very easy to do, once you understand how the program is laid out.

    When you click on a subject (such as "math" or "language arts"), it's like opening a textbook. You will be taken to a page of icons that represent chapters in the textbook.

    When you click on one of the chapter icons, you will be taken to a page of icons that represent lessons in the chapter.

    When you click on one of the lesson icons, you will be taken to a page of icons that represent lesson activities in the lesson.

    When you click on a lesson activity icon, you will be taken to a lesson to do.

    The icons for completed chapters, lessons, and lesson automatically receive check marks as long as the student exits properly.

    To do the program in sequence, your child just clicks on a subject icon and then keeps clicking on the first un-checked icon on a page until they get to an activity to do. If they are going to do more than one activity in a subject, they go back to that subject's icon and start the process again.

    The only exception is tests and quizzes, which don't receive checkmarks. So, it's a very good idea to instruct your student to do a test or quiz immediately upon finishing the preceding activities.

    When customizing my own kids' schedule, I have printed the scope and sequence (lesson plans/scope and sequence) and I've checked off each lesson activity, quiz, and test as they finished them.

    I hope this gives you some ideas of what you might do to accommodate the schedule you want for your student. Other parents will probably be along shortly to offer their own ideas.

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