4th grade Social Studies
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    Default 4th grade Social Studies

    I am new to T4L as well as homeschooling. My dd seems to be having trouble with Social Studies. It helps if it sit by her and we take turns reading out loud. However I dont always have time for that. As I have 2 other kids and a foster baby. It could be that I am assigning too much for her to do. Typically how many hours when using primarily T4L do you typically have a kid in 4th grade do? I enjoy the material and find it interesting so I love reading with her when I can!
    Any advice would be appreciated!

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    My fourth graders have spent around three hours on school each day, but not all of that on T4L.

    I've let my kids take notes while reading social studies, and then they use their notes on the tests and quizzes. Note taking is an important skill. And, really, I'm not interested in having them memorize facts just long enough to pass a test . . . only to forget them the next day. I have found that the thinking process involved in deciding what is important enough to jot down when taking notes aids in retention,

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