6th / 7th / 8th Grade Math - Overlap
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    Default 6th / 7th / 8th Grade Math - Overlap

    My son is currently working on 6th grade math. It is his worst subject and we have had to repeat many of the activities more than once until he is able to pass the activity quiz.

    I am now reviewing the lesson plans for 7th and 8th grade, and it looks as though a LOT of the same content and topics are repeated all 3 years. Although my son is not a strong math student, I would rather have him do a short review of the previous year's topics and then move on to new topics, rather than spending a large chunk of the year repeating the same material every year.

    Now I am no math whiz myself, so I could be wrong, but if anyone out there has been through the middle school T4L math years and could lend any perspective, please chime in.

    Also, 6th grade math has worksheets for every lesson. 7th and 8th have hardly any. It would be much easier to see if the content were the same just by comparing worksheets. The worksheets have also helped the learning a lot so that is disappointing too.


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    Default Re: 6th / 7th / 8th Grade Math - Overlap


    Although the lessons are provided in a suggested sequence and at suggested grade levels, you may use them any way you wish. If you would rather focus on one topic at a time, you can do the fourth grade division chapter, then the fifth grade division chapter, followed by the sixth grade division chapter and so on, until your student has mastered division. Then you can move on to another topic. Some students do focus better when they aren't skipping around.

    There are definitely fewer worksheets available for seventh and eighth grade than for sixth. There are, however, the "Practice" chapters (the final chapters in both seventh and eighth grade curriculum). The practice chapters are actually the previous math curriculum, all bundled-up and placed at the end of the current math curriculum, in case a student needs more practice with a topic. So, you could choose to, for example, do the "Prime and Composite Numbers" lessons when you get to them in seventh grade math. If your student still didn't understand, you could look in the Practice chapter for the Prime and Composite numbers lessons from the previous math curriculum and have him do those lessons, plus the worksheet. There are even additional quizzes and tests in that chapter.

    I hope this helps. Math has not been any of my kids' best subject, so I'm used to customizing pretty much anything we use to fit their needs, and I found that pretty easy to do with the Practice chapter right there for our use.

    Here's exactly how I did math. You can't use the Activity Planner for math if you do it this way.

    1. Take the first activity quiz, before doing any of the lessons. If they do well on the quiz, they do not need to do the lessons leading up to it. They try the second quiz instead.

    2. If the student does not do well on the quiz, do the lessons leading up to it and try the quiz again. The great thing about these quizzes is that ten questions are pulled from a bank of twenty potential questions, so the quiz will have different problems each time, even though it is covering the same skills.

    3. If they still don't do well on the quiz, do lessons on a similar topic in the Practice section, along with worksheets or quizzes there. The quizzes in that section are the same every time.

    4. Once they think they are ready, try the quiz from the first section again. They usually "get it" at this point.

    5. Once they have mastered a quiz, move on to trying the next quiz, without doing the lessons leading up to it, and repeat the above process. That way, they are only studying material they do not already know . . . the quiz assessing what they know provides some review and practice on the topics they have already mastered . . . and they get extra practice on topics they find troublesome.

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