6th Grade Math Question... HELP!
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    Default 6th Grade Math Question... HELP!

    I've taken a high level of Math myself, and I'm not exactly sure about a quiz question in 6th grade math about absolute value. So much for Calculus back in college.

    Choose the set of numbers for which the order of the numbers and the order of the absolute value of the numbers would be the same.
    A) 6, –2, 4, 2, –4, –6
    B) 1, –4, 3, –2, 5
    C) –4, –10, –8, –6
    D) 10, –8, 14, 12

    Now I know the correct answer is "D"

    However, I don't understand why.

    The question asks for the set of numbers of which the order of the numbers and the order of the numbers absolute value would be the same.

    The absolute value of -8 would be |-8| = 8... so I'm not sure why the order would be 10, 8, 14, 12.

    Maybe it's just me, or how I interpret the question, but my view is that no answer provided is correct.

    If D is actually the correct answer, can someone explain why that is so I can also explain it?

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    Hello. I'm with you. I just asked my son, who is taking high school classes, if he could see any kind of pattern that would make D correct. Using absolute value, he came up with a -2, +6, -2 pattern, but he couldn't figure out a pattern for the original value of the numbers so that they would end up in the same order as their absolute values.

    It's possible the answer key is incorrect. We've come across quite a few incorrect answers in some of the answer keys, especially in geometry and chemistry. Since we cannot add or edit grades to the score reports (for Odyssey Writer activities, for example), I've started keeping my own score records anyway, so every once in a while I correct a quiz grade to reflect the correct answer.

    Then again, maybe it really is some kind of pattern after all. Maybe someone else can help you find it. There's nothing so frustrating as sharing in your child's frustration.

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