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    Default 7th grade ideas

    My child is very independent and loves that she is in control of her schooling (to a degree).
    She always seems to come to me once she is to frustrated. I have explained to her that she needs to take notes during the lessons, I have even done lessons with her and taken notes to show her how handy they are. I tell her all the quizzes are open book, so if she has notes use them.
    What I am finding is she is turning on the lesson and then playing a game in the background, walking around her room, or even the house.
    Everything I recommend she disagrees with me. She ends up taking the quizzes sometimes 4 times before passing, and I know it's because she is not paying attention. She also doesn't want my help unless it is absolutely necessary.
    Any suggestions on how to get her to take notes and pay attention would be gratefully appreciated.

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    maybe break down her day into more of a scheduled time slots would help keep her focused. my 7th grader typically does 2 lessons 1 or 2 quizzes, then gets a 15 minute break to do whatever he likes (within reason lol). it seems to help him stay focused on what he's learning and keep him from getting overwhelmed with the amount of lessons. we also do a kind of modified block schedule where he concentrated on 2 subjects per day..mon/wed is math/lang arts, tue/thur is sci/social studies. as far as note taking, i don't stress that too much because of my son's special needs, but we do discuss what he's learned during the lesson time before the quiz as a mini review. he can also use any supplemental material or ask me to clarify questions during the quizzes. it may be that she just needs a little more structure as she adjusts to the new school year. hope this helps!
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    My son takes notes on notepad on his computer. Maybe a break after each lesson will help. I'm pretty relaxed on his schedule as long as he gets all of his school work and chores done by the end of the day.

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