7th Grade Math Tests and completion status
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    Default 7th Grade Math Tests and completion status

    We were going through our son's progress in 7th grade math, and noticed that there are no chapter tests. From another post it appears that maybe this is intentional, but how do we verify that he has a good long-term grasp of the material (as opposed to being able to remember just long enough to pass the short quiz in each section)?

    He tends to jump around a lot and sometimes skip quizzes, so any thoughts on how to track completion status would be helpful. The reports tend to focus on which tasks were done in a given time period as opposed to which activities were never completed.

    Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

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    Hi AboundingAcres,
    Let me explain to you how we did this in my homeschool, and maybe you will see something there that will help you. First, my daughter is not allowed to skip around in math. In 4th grade (I think) I allowed her to do whatever math lessons she wanted to, in any order. The result was a lot of drama when she didn't know how to do (enter topic) because math is cumulative. You sort of need to do it in order because you are expected to know topic A before you move on to Topic B. So my daughter ended up with a very disjointed learning experience for math. We basically had to restart the year and do the lessons in order. This accomplished two things, 1) I was sure that she did all of the work, and 2) she got the information packed down as she went on to the next topic in since math is cumulative.

    My daughter is also not allowed to skip quizzes, or even "orphan" them, meaning she can't do the lesson on Friday with the promise to go back and do the quiz on Monday...nope, you complete the lessons today, you take the quiz because having to go back and review the exercise on Monday so she can pass the quiz is reverse progress in my book! The reports cannot tell you what has not been completed, only what has been. Because of this you might have to help him form the habits you want him to have. For example, do ALL of the lessons, as well as the quiz in this chapter, and then check frequently to make sure that he is. Some people print out the scope and sequence lesson plans and at the end of a day or week they go through the records and then highlight the lessons completed. It gives a visual of what was done. Since everyone keeps records differently, what works at my homeschool might not work in yours, but these were just things that I noticed worked for us.

    As for the math chapter tests, I am not sure I understand why there are no chapter tests, but again, because math is cumulative, if he is having trouble with a concept, he might need to go back and pack the previous concepts down before moving on. I hope some of this helps, best of luck, and definitely come back with questions!
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