7th grade queston
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    Default 7th grade queston

    Im using my moms account...I was in 7th grade an took a 5 month break and my mom forgot to pay it and when i came back t4l deleted all of my progress so i had to restart everything.I complete a grade every 180 days and only had 90 to go so do I have to do 180 days or 90 since i did half that but i dont have anything to show for it since t4l deleted it!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi. In Time4Learning, the parent is the teacher of record. The parent makes all decisions regarding what the student is required to do. Time4Learning provides the curriculum in a recommended sequence, but your parent is free to have you skip lessons, do lessons out of order, repeat lessons, or work at a different grade level for each subject. I'd talk to your mom about it.

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