8th grade level changes?
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    Default 8th grade level changes?

    I've been using Time 4 Learning for several years for my daughters, and just generally change the grade up at the beginning of each new school year. My oldest is in 8th grade now, and noticed there is no social studies 8th grade level listed. What does this mean? Also, what exactly should we be using for math? It says 8th grade, though there is no 8th grade listed, but under a different section there is Algebra (pre). Should I be clicking on the pre alegra now? I am a little confused. And are the units for science actually different, with them being just under the category of middle school?

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    I'm actually wondering the same thing. My daughter completed MS nature of science and also MS earth and space last year in her 7th grade year. We are starting 8th grade but don't know what science we are supposed to be taking for 8th grade. Also there is no 8 grade Social Studies listed.... what should we do??? Need help ASAP

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    Hi, khilmanowski and gilbert50899.

    Time4Learning offers a complete math and language arts curriculum, with science and social studies available for most grades as a free bonus. Here is a subject-by-subject explanation of your choices for eighth grade. Of course, your student can always work at a different grade level for any subject.

    Math - "Eighth Grade Math" . . . or choose to substitute Honors Algebra, if your student is advanced in math.

    Language Arts - "Eighth Grade" language arts and "Eighth Grade" language arts extensions.

    Social Studies - There is no eighth grade social studies. Students who have never done T4L before usually substitute the seventh grade social studies (which is a great overview of American history). Actually, you can substitute any "grade level" of social studies from fourth and up, because the difference is more about content than difficulty.

    Science - The middle school science courses do not need to be done in order. Again, the difference is in content . . . not difficulty . . . which is why these are simply labeled "Middle School" and not "fourth grade, sixth grade, eighth grade", etc. (I wish the program had done that for the social studies lessons.) Each course is designed to last a traditional school year, except for Nature of Science, which is intended to supplement any science program. Nature of Science explains the scientific method, lab safety, how to measure, how to use various science equipment, and basic things like that that go along with any science program.

    I hope this helps you make your curriculum decisions this year!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Hi Kelly,

    Through my investigation, our state SOL's require my 8th grader to learn "World History and Geography to 1500," which is actually in the high school course T4L provides. He completed the 7th grade material.

    Do we need to convert to high school? If we do, is he still able to take 8th grade level in the other subjects?

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