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Thread: 8th grade question

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    Default 8th grade question

    If my son son is in 8th grade, will he have access to 7th grade & 9th grade? I'm just trying to get a feel for how this program will benefit him and which program to buy. He will be in 8th grade but will be advanced in Language Arts and working at a high school level.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: 8th grade question

    Hi and welcome! In the 8th grade, your student will have access to the 7th grade. High school is a different pricing structure. You can change grade levels at any time or add high school levels if you need them.

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    Default Re: 8th grade question

    Hi! Your child is kind of in an "overlap" area. A Time4Learning membership includes access to all lessons in the core subjects at every grade level from Pre-K through eighth OR from eighth through twelfth. You can pick and choose lessons, as long as you stay within your membership level (lower level, pre-k through OR upper level, 9th through 12th).

    The lower level is 19.95 per month and the upper level (commonly called "High School", although you can also use eighth grade courses) is thirty dollars per month.

    So, if you sign up as an eighth grader, your child will have access to seventh grade lessons but not high school lessons. (The exception to this is social studies. An eighth grade student can use high school level social studies at no extra charge, because there are no designated eighth grade social studies lessons. Most people who are new to Time4Learning just use the seventh grade social studies for an eighth grader. It is a great overview of American History, and it's often done half in seventh grade and half in eighth.)

    If you sign up at the high school level, your child will have access to eighth grade lessons, but nothing lower than that.

    To save money, I would suggest signing up at the lower level, at least until your child becomes accustomed to the program. Have him take some of the eighth grade language arts tests to see if he already knows the material or could benefit from those lessons. I just love Time4Learning's language arts!
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