8th Grade Starting Mid-Year What should I do
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    Default 8th Grade Starting Mid-Year What should I do

    Hello I am starting my daughter into this program mid year. I officially have her enrolled and I have everything set up with the local superintendent! I just need some guidelines as to if I need for her to do all of the courses for 8th grade or if I should start her at what lessons she is currently on in her local public school! Thank You anyone for any information you may be able to give.

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    Hi! Welcome to Time4Learning! If you know what she has covered so far you can compare that to the scope and sequence for 8th grade Time4Learning and unless she really needs to repeat those lesson, let her move on. Comparing the scope and sequence to what she has already covered ensures that she covers what she needs to without unnecessary repetition. The T4L scope and sequence might be a slightly different order than she was doing in the traditional school, or it might match up perfectly. Feel free to ask questions anytime and good luck!
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    I would start her at about 1/4 of the way into the lessons. If she'd changed schools mid-year, that's how it would have worked, even if it meant skipping some topics and repeating others. It's up to you if you feel like taking the time to compare TFL with whatever she was doing before and then "skip around" to avoid repetition, or if you just want to start her at the equivalent of 2nd quarter and just go in order.
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