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    My daughter is starting 6th grade. she took an advanced math placement test and did not get in. She will be placed in basic 6th grade math. This is very depressing. Looking for ideas to prepare her for the test. Will be able to take the test mid year. Also looking for resources to prepare her for ISEE test, beacause the discussion is also based on the ISEE scores.

    also how important is it for students to be in an advanced math class in sixth grade. The school is offering basic 6 th grade math, advanced 6 th grade, and pre algebra.

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    Hi, Hummi. Time4Learning is a great resource for homeschooling, summer learning, or after-school enrichment. It sounds like you are looking for after-school enrichment. Time4Learning will provide the curriculum and you can use it however you wish to help prepare your child for any testing.

    Only you can decide how important it is for your child to be in advanced math, but I'm concerned that you describe it as "depressing" that she will be placed in basic math. Encourage her to do her best and don't worry about whether her personal best is "advanced" or not.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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