Annual Evaluation Testing
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    Default Annual Evaluation Testing

    Does anyone know of a place where I can get the information they test each grade level for in order to advance to the next grade? My son is doing 5th grade work currently, but I need him to take the test and I want to make sure he's ready for everything that will be on the test.

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    Default Re: Annual Evaluation Testing

    Spectrum has some test prep workbooks that I have used for some of my kids. I have come to realize that, if they do well on their Time4Learning quizzes and tests, they will probably do well on a standardized test. The workbooks were valuable for my kids in getting comfortable with the format of a "paper" test (filling in circles, etc.). They also include some strategy, such as eliminating the one or two answers you KNOW aren't correct in a multiple choice question, and then making an educated guess about the remaining options.

    You can find the workbooks on Amazon. I bought mine at Staples. Spectrum Test Prep Workbooks

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