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    Angry Answer Keys for Chapter Tests

    Why are there no answer keys for Chapter Tests? I've been able to access the answer keys for quizzes. My child was taking a fourth grade science test and a couple of questions that seem to have correct answers are showing up as wrong. I'd like to know what T4L shows as the correct answer for these.

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    Default Re: Answer Keys for Chapter Tests

    Hi! The answer keys for the tests are found within the lesson plans/scope and sequence at the top of the list of lessons for each chapter. Here is how to locate that, and then I'll provide a picture with the location circled, for an even better "map".

    Log in to your parent dashboard and click on Resources from the Home page. Select Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence from near the top of the left sidebar. Now choose the grade level and, across from that, choose the subject you are looking at. That's where you will find a list of lessons, quizzes, and tests. The answer keys are designated by the read "A". Here's what that looks like. You might need to click on the following picture to make it bigger, depending on your device and browser:

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    You might be interested in this thread about perceived incorrect answers, too, especially the final post. It's not about your particular problem, but illustrates that often a perceived wrong answer is really right. I don't know about you, but it's been a looong time since I've studies this material! If you have questions about the answers you see on the key, post here and we'll see if we can explain the problem similar to how we explained it to the person in the thread linked above.

    Of course, errors do happen, too! If you're concerned that there might be an error in the program, you can provide the lesson activity number or a detailed description to [email protected] and they will look into it. Or, you can just post here, too. Errors will be reported to the developer, who updates the program on a regular basis.

    For my own family, we love knowing errors are corrected regularly and are available for any user after that, no matter when they signed up. Most textbook publishers have pages on their websites with lists of errors that will be corrected in the next printing. Meanwhile, everyone who purchased the original book is stuck with the error. LOL!

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