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    Are there answer keys for quizzes/tests that I can use to make a study guide for my son in 7th grade social studies? He is doing all of the worksheets, which are great for discussion and critical thinking, but I want to be able to print out something that has the names, dates, etc. on it. (If not, I guess we will have to start taking notes. As he HATES writing, I'm trying to avoid that.)

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    Sure. Log into your parent account and click on Resources. Then click on Lesson Plans/Scope and Sequence at the top of the left sidebar. Then click on "173 Activities" in the seventh grade social studies column/row.

    The answer keys for the quizzes are the red capital letter "A" icons in the Lesson Type column.

    The answer keys for the tests are at the top, right of each chapter outline, and they are also designated with a red "A" icon. A few test questions are drawn from a large bank of potential questions, so the test will be somewhat different each time it is attempted. The test keys show all the potential questions for each chapter test.

    As a side note, there are Teacher Guides by the test keys. These are just ideas for extension activities. They can be ignored or you can look through them for things that might interest your particular student.

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