Is anyone else opting out of SCPASS
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    Default Is anyone else opting out of SCPASS

    I home school my 10 year old (4th grade) daughter with Cyber Academy of South Carolina. Long story short ... I want to opt out of the SCPASS in May. So yesterday I e-mailed her teacher and asked,

    "As far as PASS Testing ... how do her scores affect her grades and/or passing or failing 4th the grade?"

    She responded a few minutes later with this, "Her PASS scores will not impact her grades at CASC. They don't give a "grade" or percentage for the required amount but she must pass it in order to move on to the next grade level.

    Opting out is legal! So if we opt out she stays back? And how do they know if she passed or failed if they don't grade the tests?

    Any help, clarification or advise would be wonderful! Thanks!

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    Gina, This is pretty specific for South Carolina so I am going to copy this post over there also. As far as the question of if they don't assign a score how will they know if the child passed...I'm totally confused on that. Is CASC under the control of public school administration? My thought is if CASC is under the control of the public school system maybe you should check with the Department of Education. If opting out is legal, and they don't give scores to pass, but she has to pass to move to the next grade, this all seems really random to me. (Not saying your wrong, I'm saying that they way they are explaining things leaves a lot to be desired! ) Anyway, maybe someone over on the SC forum can help clarify!
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