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Thread: assessment to begin with?

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    Default assessment to begin with?

    Hello, dear all,
    My daughter (9 y.o.) has attended (private) schools for 6 years (and experienced bullies' attacks for 4). so … I am deeply thinking to homeschool her A part from my doubts, related to my abilities and results, I have one connected with her "academic level". Looking at the topics that t4l proposes for gr 5 students, I realised that in social studies and science she is far behind (in math and literacy she's up-to-date).
    so, my questions are:
    - is there any "assessment" that may help me to "start with" ? in other words, to understand the actual level of knowledge that my daughter has, in the different fields ? what did you, parents, do at the beginning? or shall I just "figure it out" (it may take time, though)
    - (as I do not know how t4l platform works) is there any possibility for me to use the gr 3 curriculum for science and gr 5 curriculum for math ?
    - are your kids up-to-date with all the subjects proposed, for their grade? I mean, it looks amazingly good, but … do your gr 3 kids really know about maya ? or, this is just a proposal and everyone is free to take up what he/she likes?

    I hope to read from you soon,

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    Hi Mali,
    You have a lot of great questions, so I will see if I can answer some of the for you. Perhaps others will jump in as well. You can use 3rd grade for some things and 5th grade for others, but to do that you would need to register your daughter for 4th grade so that you could have the allowed access to the grade above and the grade below. It is possible that your child is not actually behind, but has studied things in a different order than proposed by T4L.

    Look at the scope and sequence for the surrounding grades and see if they look like the kinds of things your daughter has been studying.

    There is not an assessment to determine where your daughter would be placed. One of the ways I figured out where my daughter was going to be placed was to let her do the quizzes until she couldn't pass them, and then start there. However, I was trying to determine her overall level, and not her social studies knowledge.

    Just remember that it is pretty easy to change grades if you need to so you could pick a place to start and if it was not the right place, you could either back up or move forward.

    I salute you for wanting to bring your daughter home in light of the troubles she has experienced. The only other piece of advice I would give you is to let your daughter play around with the program, I know that my daughter figured out the program faster than I did, because she was not afraid to try things and I was

    Good luck and let us know how things go. Welcome to the world of homeschooling!
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