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    I am using Time 4 Learning for Science and Lang. Arts with the extension for it. I am getting everything set up today but when I go on my son's page it shows Math and Social Studies along with the ones I scheduled for him on the activity schedule. The subjects I chose are mixed in with others and I don't want him to get confused and think he is to do it all. Second problem is when I click on his Language extensions it lists every chapter available instead of the one chapter I chose for him to do this year. So he potentially could just continue and do other chapter I don't want him to do throughout the year. I just thought they were supposed to be highlighted or something for him to know exactly what he does. I have watched the videos and it looks to me like the subjects I chose and his assignments should stand apart from the other stuff somehow. Thank you!!!

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    I think that there is some confusion between the "assignments"/"assignments page" and the activity scheduler. The assignments page is only used for a classroom setting and doesn't work with the T4L as a homeschool curriculum. However, the activity scheduler might do what you are asking. You can access the activity scheduler through the parent log on. I hope this helps!
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    The Activity Scheduler is a way for you to decide how much work to tell your child to do. It doesn't affect how the work appears to your student. All of the lessons will always be available to your child. It's like giving your student a textbook and telling him what chapters to read.

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