changing curriculum after 1st Quarter - grade 4 and 6
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    Default changing curriculum after 1st Quarter - grade 4 and 6

    new to homeschooling this year....when considering curriculum, I wanted something consistent that didn't rely on just I went with a "boxed" curriculum. I was told by PIONEER homeschool Mom's that "I would find what fits my kids"....slowly this is making sense.

    I am in Maryland and beginning with 4and 6th grade VS. Kindergarten....I am feeling my way through, but happy I found this alternative.

    anyone have a similar experience?


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    Welcome! My story is a bit different, I have an only child, and pulled her from public school the middle of 1st grade. I fell directly in to Time4Learning and it has fit my daughter wonderfully for about 8 years now! We started high school with T4L this fall. So our core curriculum has not changed and I feel very fortunate in this. What has changed is the way we do school, and the way we supplement. For example, my daughter has taken outside art lessons in the past so when my local homeschool co-op offered fine art classes for this fall, I signed her right up! Then she was really sick for almost a month and missed 4 classes (they only have them once a week). Because of this she had to drop the class. Now I don't have a 1/2 credit of art to apply to her transcript so I am scrambling for something to fill that gap! Every family feels their way along as they go, and the best thing about homeschooling (to me, anyway!) is the ability to be flexible enough to tailor-make our children's educational experience. I wish you all the best in your homeschooling endeavors and invite others to share their stories.
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