confused about selecting sciences - 6th grade
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    Default confused about selecting sciences - 6th grade

    It gave me a choice of Earth, Living and Physical science - or all three. Question is - I can't figure it out - is it a "bit" of all three for all of middle school, so it's spread out over 3 years? Or... is it combining all three to be completed in 1 year?

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    Default Re: confused about selecting sciences - 6th grade

    Each middle school science course is designed to last one traditional school year. Since the order in which they are taken does not matter, you are provided with all of it and you or your student may choose which course to use each middle school year.

    The exception is The Nature of Science, which is designed to last one semester. It can be done along with any science course. It covers lab safety, explains about lab equipment, teaches how to measure and report data, goes over "the scientific method" and other things that students need to know for any science course. If you schedule that course out over an entire school year, your student will be doing science about twice a week.

    Of course, you may use any of the science courses "your way", but it does usually help to know how they were designed to be used. A very motivated student who loved science might want to try to get through all three courses in one year (yikes), or a student who craves variety might want to do one-third of each course, each year for three years. Or you might have your own ideas to fit your student's needs.

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    Default Re: confused about selecting sciences - 6th grade

    My son chose one per year!

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