Does this system tally final grades?
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    Default Does this system tally final grades?

    My 7th grade daughter has just finished her courses. How do I tally her scores for her final grades?
    When I go to reports, it only shows one course's grades and no final there.

    Thank you for any help,

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    Hi, Leslie - congrats to your daughter for finishing up When you're in the reports, be sure to select the subject and the dates for the whole year. The end score should be available on the last page of the report. You could run one for each subject.

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    Hi, Leslie. Be sure you are looking beneath the actual Reports tab and not just the Recent Work tab. In Reports, you can select the type of report and the subject from the left sidebar. Most people like to view scores for each subject individually.

    Then select the date range. Since you are asking for "final" scores, you will want to select the first day of your school year through the last day of your school year. Scroll to the bottom of your report for an average percentage score for that subject.

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