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    Default Earth/Space Science Question

    Is there a way to find out how many lessons are in the Earth/Space Science Curriculum? I can only seem to find how many chapters, which is 8, and what is covered in the chapter. I want to know how many lessons so I can monitor how many my son does a day.

    I have all of his other subjects set up so that he does X amount of lessons per day in each subject. He is 7th grade.

    Also, do I need to get anything for this science or is it all provided on the computer?

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    Joann, As far as I can tell there is not a number of lessons listed for the middle school sciences like there are for others in the detailed scope and sequence. I understand that you want to have a total number of lessons so that you can plan. At this point I think that you might have to count those by hand. The other alternative is to count a chapter per month of school, and only count one chapter at a time. If it is a short chapter and he finishes before the month is out, then let him begin the next one ahead of schedule. I understand this is not optimum for the way you plan. Personally, it didn't occur to me that there was not detailed scope and sequence for the middle school sciences because my daughter's favorite subject is science and I never have to set up how many science lessons she has to do because she always exceeds that! Perhaps others have a suggestion as to how you can work around the need for number of lessons.

    As for needing things for the science, my daughter went through these and didn't need anything extra. The sciences are set up to send them to supplemental information on the internet. If you want him to do an experiment you might need to buy supplies for that, but otherwise I found that the middle school science curriculum was self-supporting, without the need for other resources besides the internet. I hope this helps!
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    You can also play around with the activity scheduler. If you set it up so that you're doing the whole curriculum in one week (which of course you won't actually do!) it will clearly list the number of lessons per subject. I did that at the beginning of the year. I set up the activity scheduler twice- once with all subjects, our real start and end date, and scheduled in the breaks (which I could only do after saving.) Then I counted up the number of weeks. Then I set it up again with everything in one week so I could see the total number of lessons per subject.

    Then I sat there with a calculator and a text file and figured out how many lessons of each subject he'd need to do per week. I didn't really like how the activity scheduler divided them up, and there was no easy way for my son to see the specific lessons "assigned" for the week. So instead, I printed up a list of how many of each subject I wanted him to do per week, and put it on the bulletin board behind the computer desk.

    Right now, we're doing the bare minimum for secular studies because Bar Mitzvah preparation is taking up most of our time and energy. After his Bar Mitzvah, I plan to do more enrichment activities- science trips with the local homeschool group, look up science experiments on YouTube, go to museums and the planetarium, etc.
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