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    This is our first year homeschooling, and I plan to continue through middle school, but will allow my child to decide if he wants to go back to school for high school. I'd like to have a record of his grades to show for each year, but cannot find where to get that. How do I get his grades for the year?

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    Elia, log in to your parent account and explore there before "letting your child go" on the program. You'll learn how reports work, how to set up a schedule (if you choose to do that), how to grade your student's writing assignments, and a lot of other helpful info.

    To find your child's grades, log in to your parent account and select your student's name from the dropdown menu under Student Reports and Information. Wait for the page to reload and then click on Get Student Reports. You will see three tabs across the top of the page your are taken to. The default is Recent Work. You want the Reports tab, however, so click on that. Now you will be able to customize your report in the left sidebar. You can choose to get a report for just one subject or all work. You can also choose the date range.

    Once generated, the report can be viewed on line, printed, or saved as a pdf file to your computer.

    You can generate as many reports, and as many kinds of reports, as you need.

    Please let me know if you need more info!

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