im trying to get help with my son who is in 4th grade in Florida. He has a 504 because he has AD/HD and sensory issues. Itís been a long fight to get him accommodations to fit his needs. He struggles with behavior and focusing in class. Now that they are doing more work with writing essays this year he struggled to ge the work done without help.
Im trying to find out how to help him best. He switches class for about an hour an a half for language arts and reading. The teacher doesnít know how to handle him when his behavior starts. She is very rude and makes comments like ďwhatís wrong with youĒ. Iíve brought this up to the school.
I had him tested over the summer because the school refused saying they didnít see a need. He has been making honor roll but the behavior really gets in the way daily. Iím not sure if trying to get an IEP would help but I know they wonít go for that.
They mo itor behvaiors daily with a chart that he brings home. But they donít do anything to help him when he struggles with behavior during the day.
He constantly gets in trouble with behavior. A lot of it is dumb stuff which get feel he knows right and wrong so he should do😡
please help with any Info