Hi! We're new to homeschooling
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    Default Hi! We're new to homeschooling

    Hi! we just decided to homeschool. My son is 10 years old with ADHD. We had him tested 2 years ago because his reading was horrible. I wanted him tested for dyslexia because he wrote most numbers backwards, some letters backwards, he wrote from right to left and he wrote answers to math problems backwards. The school refused to test him because they said that was a Dr's job to do. Correct answer is...they don't have the money to teach them correctly so they don't test them. They said his biggest problem was with reading so they put him Special Ed for all classes.
    I feel he is not being challenged, actually being held back (if he got finished with his work he had to wait for the other kids to catch up before he could move on), put in a class with all behavior problem kids who annoyed everyone in the class and he was getting bullied by the other kids and if he told the teacher he got punished because he would tell his story while using an upset voice.
    I decided I had enough. I have sent a Letter of Intent to the state of Georgia, this Friday will be his last day in public school for 5th grade and I am starting Homeschooling on Nov 1st with T4L. I hope he loves it. I am starting to do research on finding someone to test him for dyslexia. If it turns out he actually has it I will make his Elementary School pay me back for the cost of testing and have his IEP changed to dyslexia instead.

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    Default Re: Hi! We're new to homeschooling

    Hi. I'm sorry to learn of the challenges you and your son have had with his school. How frustrating!

    It sounds like you've done your own homework and have a pretty firm plan in place. Good for you!

    Here is some information about using Time4Learning with a student who has dyslexia.

    And here is a WONDERFUL e-book, written by one of our Time4Learning moms, about using Time4Learning for her son with dyslexia. Maybe there will be some helpful information in there for you.

    Welcome to Time4Learning!

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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