Homeschooling mom moving from AL to TN asking for assistance
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    Question Homeschooling mom moving from AL to TN asking for assistance

    Hello all! I have recently decided to home school my 4th grader in AL and know all of the laws for here. There are not standardized tests in AL and I was wondering about home schooling in TN and what state standardized tests are required. This was the whole reason for homeschooling, getting away from the timed standardized testing. Is there any way around that in TN? What is required?

    Thank you for your time!

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    Home Schooling in TennesseeIs the official site of the state of Tennessee Dept of Education. Perhaps you can find some of the answers to state specific homeschooling information there. Also check with the Tennessee state forum. They might have some helpful advice on the standardized test issue if you don't find it on the TN Dept of Education site. I hope this helps! I can understand how stressful moving from one state to another can be, especially if you are homeschooling. I made one of those moves about 2 years ago. Feel free to keep asking questions and hopefully you will get the answers you need!
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