How Does Pre-Algebra compare to 8th grade Math?
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    Default How Does Pre-Algebra compare to 8th grade Math?

    WE are transitioning from Saxon 8/7 (Pre-Algebra) and are trying to decide if we should do Pre-Algebra with T4L or just stick with 8th grade math? Which is better? Does the 8th grade math prepare a student for Algebra?

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    I don't have personal experience with the Pre-Algebra or the 8th grade math. My now 9th grader asked to skip 8th grade math all together in favor of starting Algebra during 8th grade, and I let her. We are still working on it, so the jury is still out as to whether it was a good idea or not Anyway, the 8th grade math is designed to be the math course for 8th grade, but for students who might be a bit more advanced, or who are intending to take more advanced maths, the Pre-Algebra might be the answer. It is considered an honors course for 8th graders. I don't know anything about how Saxon would compare. Here is the good news, you can try either the 8th grade math, or PreAlgebra and decide if it works for your family. Changing is easy so feel comfortable knowing that you can move from one to the other as you need to. Best of luck!
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