How long do the lessons take?? I'm new to T4L
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    Unhappy How long do the lessons take?? I'm new to T4L

    I will be using T4L as a stand alone 6th grade curriculum, but my child will be attending a charter school resource center 2 days a week. When I calculated how many lessons per day/week, it shows 5 Math, 2 Social Studies, 2-3 Language Arts, and 2 Science lessons. It seems too much unless the lessons are 10 minutes. What has been your experience with the length of time it takes to complete these lessons? Thank you

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    Default Re: How long do the lessons take?? I'm new to T4L

    Hi! The length of each lesson activity will vary, because they are all designed differently (which my own kids prefer over a cookie-cutter curriculum). Many of them adjust to how the student responds. For example, teaching material will be presented and then the activity might ask the student a question or two to make sure they understand. If they answer correctly, the lesson will proceed. If they answer incorrectly, they will be given additional instruction and asked another question. So lessons might be of different durations for each student.

    With that said . . . I figure thirty minutes for each lesson activity, and it usually averages to about that much. Some lessons might take an hour and some might be a website to look over or some other open-ended activity that my child only spends five minutes on. Also, some lesson activities might be a ten-question quiz that students usually get through quickly. I try to make sure my own kids' plans don't have them doing more than two lesson activities per subject, although once in awhile they might do three. That works out, for us, to a reasonable amount.

    Leave the final chapter in math (the "Practice" chapter) off. It's actually the entire previous math curriculum, all bundled up and stuck in one chapter, so you have additional resources if your student needs more practice with some of the regular math lessons. You don't need to do anything in that chapter if your child understands the regular daily math work.

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