Just started T4L. Question on science
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    Default Just started T4L. Question on science

    Hello. We have just signed up for T4L and think it will work great for us. I have a 6th & 8th grader. My question is with science. Should I only do one aspect of science each year or do all middle school science? With my 8th grader being in high school next yr I feel she may need all of four aspects of the science. And not sure if I should have my 6th grader just do one per yr or have her do all four as well.

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    Hello pratt! I homeschool my children too. I have a question is this your first year homeschooling your children?

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    Hi. Each middle school science course is designed to last a traditional school year, and students may do them in any order. Of course, you are the decision maker here, so you can decide to have your child do more than one in a school year . . . but that's a LOT of science!

    The high school courses cover the same types of subjects as the middle school courses, in greater detail. I, personally, wouldn't worry about it. For example, in high school, there is biology. In middle school, there is life science. I would just let them choose the courses that interest them. If you look at what is expected during the middle school years and for high school graduation in most schools, you will see that most of them only require two credits of science, and students choose which branches of science to study from what the school has available.

    Here's just a random school district's requirements for middle school that I found online. They only require two credits in science during all the middle school years. http://www.minidokaschools.org/cms/l...%20Credits.pdf

    And here's one for a high school. They require two or three science credits during the four high school years, depending on the student's goals: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/...quirements.pdf

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