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    Default LA Extension 6th Grade

    In LA Extension lesson #6604 for 6th grade, page 6 describes a "Women's Suffrage report" that I am supposed to print and read out loud so my daughter can take notes. Where can I find this report?

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    Default Re: LA Extension 6th Grade

    Hi, Katie! I don't have a 6th grader, so I'm not sure..but have you checked in the lesson plans?

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    Default Re: LA Extension 6th Grade

    The text based lessons are older, and they occasionally assume you are using the old Child U teachers' materials. (Child U is now called Compass Learning Odyssey. They are the developer of the curriculum and Time4Learning leases it from them.) The specific article referred to in this lesson isn't available.

    Neither the quiz nor the test for this chapter asks specific questions related to the content of the article. The purpose of the exercise is to simply give your student practice "active listening". Any questions are about the process of active listening. Therefore, you can use ANY article for this exercise. Here is a good, concise article about Women's Suffrage that appears to be on approximately a sixth grade level.

    If I were doing this with my own sixth grader, I would probably only read the part about the U.S. The rest is a lot to take in at once.

    Hope this helps!

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