Language Art homework in Grade 8
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    Default Language Art homework in Grade 8

    Hi , We live in Bayonne in NJ.
    Today my daughter(8th grade), got homework from language art class.
    Homework was drawing a scene from book “The Prince and the Pauper” .
    I was just wondering how this drawing work will improve students LA skills.
    May be I am wrong or missing something, so I am writing here for other parent's opinion.

    I will really appreciate any reply on this..Thanks

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    Default Re: Language Art homework in Grade 8

    Hi, Linda. An important part of reading comprehension is being able to "see pictures" in your mind . . . something many students who only read what is required and spend a lot of highly visual "screen time" on computers, movies, and so forth don't do well.

    I'm guessing the point of the assignment was for your student to exercise this skill. To draw the scene, she first needs to read and understand the passage, which I assume was highly descriptive. This is an effective way to engage students who might not be interested in reading.

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    Default Re: Language Art homework in Grade 8

    Hello. My daughter is also doing the 8th grade Language Arts. At this point, she hasn't been assigned ANY homework from any of the courses. So, I'm wondering am I missing something?

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