Less writing, more grammar?
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    Default Less writing, more grammar?

    Hi- I am home educating my 4th grade son. We were having a great time with T4L with the first section (synonyms/antonyms etc) and he loved it. But, now it seems like the fun, interactive portion has moved to being only about writing elements for paragraphs and so on- but not down and dirty grammar education. I wanted him to work more on grammar knowledge with the games and interactive stuff, but it seems like the only thing there is for teaching actual grammar is that first section and then the "extentions" which are not interactive.... am I missing something? TIA!

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    Hi! The extensions are interactive, but many are not animated. Here is an article on where to find the grammar lessons: Grammar Goodies.

    You can also find some very fun grammar games on one of our sister sites (free). Look under Vocabulary Games in the left sidebar for games covering parts of speech, syllables, analogies, etc. Learning Games For Kids

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