Lesson Plan List ?????
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    Default Lesson Plan List ?????

    When clicking on the lesson plan tab... then going to 6th grade... and clicking on the activities... Is the list that shows up in order by the way the lessons go... Are they listed in the order done when the student is doing the lessons...

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    Default Re: Lesson Plan List ?????

    Yes, they are listed in the suggested sequence. If your student just logs in to their account and does the activities in sequence, that is the order in which they will appear. To do them in sequence, your student click on a subject icon, which is like opening a textbook. Then they should click on the first icon that isn't checked off on each page, until they get to an activity. In that way, they will be drilling down from subject/chapter/lesson/lesson activity. If they are going to do more than one lesson activity in a subject, they repeat the process of clicking on the subject icon and then clicking on un-checked icons until they get to an activity.

    If you log in to your parent account and create an activity plan, the lessons will be listed in that order within the plan (minus any that you decide to leave out of your plan). Your student can access the Activity Plan icon when he has logged in to his account and check there for what you want him to do. To locate the activities, he can type the lesson activity number in the Activity Finder (the little magnifying glass icon at the lower right of his dashboard when he is logged in to a subject).

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