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    Hello my name is Jennifer and I just started my son on Time4Learning. He scored a low grade of a 60 on one of his Social Studies quizes. Is there any way that he is able to retake this quiz? I also can not figure out how to find the work sheets. Any and all advice is welcomed. Thanks!!!

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    Hi Jennifer! Welcome! As for the quiz, he can retake it and it will be averaged in. There is no way to take the specific quiz (meaning the specific questions in the specific order) because quizzes and chapter tests are randomly drawn from a pool of questions. Feel confident that the quiz will be very similar, may even have some of the specific questions. By worksheets do you mean "resources"? Not all lessons have these, those that do will have "resource" as a link associated with the lesson. I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any other questions you come across, the parents here are willing to share the knowledge and experience!
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