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    This is our first year using time4learning. I was wondering if there are any worksheets that go along with the MS Life Science? My son will watch the lesson and write things down in his folder. But when it comes time to do the quiz he fails every time. He has a processing learning disability and I was really hoping this would help him. I do not feel like the MS Science would work for any child with a learning disability. Unless I am missing something? Looking for help because I would really like to see results with this program.

    Thank You!

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    I'm adding the link for the Special Needs forum here . This is the forum I mention later. (For some reason I can't add it to that place in this post!)

    The MS sciences are pretty new to the curriculum. My daughter just finished the Earth and Space science course. As far as I can tell there might be some printable resources within the lessons. I'm sorry that your son doesn't seem to be getting the information from the lessons. Since my daughter does not like to write, and so doesn't take notes, when she is having problems getting something I tend to sit with her, keep her focused (her issue is ADHD) and take notes for her. Then I help her study the notes before the quiz. If she doesn't do well on the quiz, I look at the questions she missed and make sure that she can give me the right answer. If she can't I have her research the correct answer on the internet. I'm not sure how your son's processing sensory disability effects his ability to get the information through visual and audio instruction which is how the lessons are presented. For some students with learning disabilities, T4L is exactly the answer, for others it is not. Let me refer you to the forum entitled Special Needs/Special Education. The parents over there might have an answer that worked for them that might help you and your son.
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