Need help with child care
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    Default Need help with child care

    Soooooo, what do homeschool parents do when they need a babysitter during the day for a few hours?
    Ocassionally I have to meet face to face with clients and I HATE dragging my 5th grader along but don't want to leave her at home alone.
    Is there a constructive, academic environment that I just haven't heard of yet that would allow me to leave her for 2- 4 hours? Somewhere that would assist her with her assignments if needed and maybe even offer something extra-curricular? We live in Douglas county GA in the Atlanta metro area.

    Please HELP!

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    Are you part of a homeschooling group in your area? I am sure that there are other mothers in the same type of situation in your area. Maybe you can trade off with another homeschool parent that could use an extra break.

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