Need help on the Social Studies for 8th grade.
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    Default Need help on the Social Studies for 8th grade.

    I have a 8th grader and I was just wondering what I can do. He has done the 7th grade stuff they have on here in 7th grade at the public school last year. So I can use the High School one for him and not pay for the High School stuff? Please let me know ASAP.


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    A student taking even one high school course is considered "in high school" for billing purposes, even if they are substituting eighth grade courses for all the other subjects. This has to do with how Time4Learning itself is charged to acquire the high school material.

    I'm just making sure you know that all "seventh grade social studies" isn't the same at every school. Time4Learning's seventh grade social studies is an overview of American history. You might have him take the tests and see if he has really mastered this material. If he masters a chapter test, he doesn't need to do the associated lessons. That's just one way to work this.

    I also have not hesitated, from about fifth grade up, to ignore the grade level in science and social studies. The difference isn't in difficulty. The difference is in content. So, another option would be to look over the fifth and sixth grade social studies and choose one of those levels for him (or let him choose). For this reason, I never even told my own kids that "level" corresponds to "grade level".

    In middle school, students are usually required to take, for example, two social studies courses . . . but they are given a choice of which social studies courses to take. The school might offer American history, world history, geography, the westward movement in America, or a variety of other focus classes, and the student chooses from among what is available.

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    What we did was go back and do the Civil War chapters. The year they were offered my daughter found the information too much to handle so we treated them as a different level. We also added in a bit of state history (in our case we had moved to a new state so my daughter had not had state history for the new state in a lower grade.) If your son has already done state history you could let him do a special project about what your state was doing during the Civil War period. We also did a lot of field trips to historical sites and museums. We cobbled together a year of social studies from a couple of different places, but it worked for us!
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    My daughter does the 7th grade social studies but she says she dont understand so went went back to some 5th grade level and it helps I try to add some 8th grade in it when it gets to where we fall in place with 8th grade that is still a little hard for her but she trys a lot.

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