Nine Planets in solar system?
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Thread: Nine Planets in solar system?

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    Default Nine Planets in solar system?

    I have noticed the solar system unit in Grade 4 science teaches there are 9 planets including Pluto. It is my understanding the scientific community has downgraded Pluto's status and is no longer considered a planet, and there 8 planets in our solar system. How are you handling this discrepancy with your student? Can we get T4L to update their unit? I am unhappy with outdated and incorrect content

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    Default Re: Nine Planets in solar system?

    Hi. Time4Learning provide a complete math and language arts program, with science and social studies available at most grade levels as a free bonus. Some of the science and social studies lessons are out-of-date, which is why they are free. They are valuable material, though, because usually that type of material doesn't change much over time. Time4Learning has recently added free access to Science4Us, a modern and updated science program, for students through third grade.
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    Default Re: Nine Planets in solar system?

    I think this would be similar to textbooks in school. Most of them aren't updated that often.

    I think discussing the changes would make for a great lesson.
    Pluto is currently considered a dwarf planet:
    And some scientist are making the case to restore Pluto's planet status: Wait, what? Pluto a planet again?

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    Yes, this could be updated since it's online. We love using the NASA website as a resource.
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